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Mon Oct 7 18:34:50 CEST 2002

  Hey btw awhile back you sent me
> an email on
> ships and mentioned you were going to send sample
> ships and stats? :)
> If you want i can show ya the email again :)

  No need to show me the e-mail; I have my own copy
(to my fustration).  The reason I haven't send you the
info (I'm fascinated at the fact you didn't begin with
a "you, scum, promised me with...) is that I have what
we can politely call "temporal financial problems", I
have no access to a scanner; and without a scanner, I
could send you small resumes (like the one I send) but
no real info (lenght, wide, freeboard, gunwales,
height of mastils, type of ram, cargo space, number of
mastils, period of the ship, speeds under oar, speeds
under sails, crews, etc...) of the more than a hundred
ships contained in the game.  Also, there is an
absolut need of a scanner, because the game tells you
how long (and how width) is a 90 degrees turn of every
ship... and you need a transparent plastic sheet to
scan the curves that shows you (on the game scale) how
the ship turns...
   The main problem is that in P&P combat scale, most
ships will only be 3 or 4 hexes width!!  (Good for PC
to board enemy ships and fight like heroes, but...).
   I hope to solve my problems and scan the
interesting parts of the game, and send them to both
of you. (Yes, Mr. Adams, I remember you also show


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