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Scott Adams longshot at DARKTECH.ORG
Sun Oct 13 06:25:23 CEST 2002

At 09:34 AM 10/7/02 -0700, you wrote:
>  Hey btw awhile back you sent me
>> an email on
>> ships and mentioned you were going to send sample
>> ships and stats? :)
>> If you want i can show ya the email again :)
>  No need to show me the e-mail; I have my own copy
>(to my fustration).  The reason I haven't send you the
>info (I'm fascinated at the fact you didn't begin with
>a "you, scum, promised me with...) is that I have what
>we can politely call "temporal financial problems", I
>have no access to a scanner; and without a scanner, I
>could send you small resumes (like the one I send) but
>no real info (lenght, wide, freeboard, gunwales,
>height of mastils, type of ram, cargo space, number of
>mastils, period of the ship, speeds under oar, speeds
>under sails, crews, etc...) of the more than a hundred
>ships contained in the game.  Also, there is an
>absolut need of a scanner, because the game tells you
>how long (and how width) is a 90 degrees turn of every
>ship... and you need a transparent plastic sheet to
>scan the curves that shows you (on the game scale) how
>the ship turns...
>   The main problem is that in P&P combat scale, most
>ships will only be 3 or 4 hexes width!!  (Good for PC
>to board enemy ships and fight like heroes, but...).
>   I hope to solve my problems and scan the
>interesting parts of the game, and send them to both
>of you. (Yes, Mr. Adams, I remember you also show
>                                        Sergi

Not a problem.   I'm just amazed I didn't forget so wanted to remind you
before I did.  No rush.  I'm still waiting on other things to come to me
from the list but I'm a very patient person.  If I can sit 4 hours in a 
eye doctor's office while others storm out angry and stay cheery then
I can wait on stuff like this :)


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