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Fri May 24 13:44:32 CEST 2002

>But since my brother tends to like to hire soldiers to go along with him,
>some sort of morale rules is probably a good idea.  I don't generally
>believe in morale for PC's because, well, they are special and should very
>well know when to beat feet. :}

I'll have to think about the characters being immune. The thought I had was
that the character has much higher mental stats and CDF so he would have a
much lesser chance of failing the check. The reason for a check on the
character is just to make the game more realistic. For exmaple I had a
group of players ambushed by a HUGE Ogre...they both rolled to see if they
could keep their wits and fight. One succeeded and one failed. The one that
failed had to in the terror spell for a certain amount of time
then he had another chance to roll again in which he succeeded and came
back to ambush the ogre fighting the braver character. (btw he got a deadly
hit from that ambush...his first real attack roll and fight)
>|| The character will have three possible ways of deciding to
>|| stay and fight
>|| or run like a wee-baby and cry in him/her self to sleep in their huge
>|| pillows:
>|| Empathy - A friend or loved one in danger can give anyone
>|| huge boost in
>|| moral.
>|| Intelligence - When informed of stragic tactics and holding superior
>|| knowledge can be an excellent sorce of calmness.
>|| Will - Sheer refusal to give up when faced with overwelling odds.
>|| Add all three. Write it down.(ML x 10 for Simplicity)
>The problem with this is that it gives wizards insane morale levels
>to fighters, when in reality the wizards should be the ones with quivering
>knees if it comes to knife-fighting range.

Your right. A huge warrior would be more brave in melee fight. But even he
I think wuld be afraid in many circumstances, even against powerful
wizards. Perhaps CEL can be taken off the roll to his advantage.
What I wanted to create was the character with greater mental capabilities
being the greater leader of group. (Like Gandalf, Frodo, Bilbo, Aragorn,
Drizzt, many others from numerous stories of other hero's). I want to
create are well rounded characters that are not just great in combat but
seem to succeed in any encounter. Because fear is an attack on your mental
attributes I chose those with greater mental attributes as being the
greatest weapon against fear.

>Since the CDF formula already takes into account all the elements such as
>AHP, magical capacity, etc, then CDF itself should be the main factor.

Good thinking. Thanks! Let me run the numbers. :-)I'll get back to you on
what I find.

>-----/* begin rant */-------
>I have never been 100% fond of the CDF formula -- it is in essence HP * HP,
>plus other modifiers, so it effectively rewards players for fighting dumb
>mounds of meat.  I have played around with coming up with a better formula,
>but have not found one to my liking yet.  Something that factors in OCV and
>DCV as well as EL, which have as much an influence on combat ability as
>AHP does.

I totally agree. When examining some of the characters CDF's I found that
the formula to be completly wrong. My wife played an assassin that was EL
15 and so deadly even my greatest of warriors would be more than a little
hesitant to fight her. And great mages give only a fraction of exp cause
their AHP are so low. When using your weapon skills to fight, wouldn't you
learn as much from a quick enemy as you would from a muscular one? I think
you might even learn more from an evasive Daoine Sidh than from a slow
moving wall like a giant.

>I was thinking of something along the lines of:
>  0.5 + (OCV+DCV+EL)/10
>This would be multiplied for poison or magic or whatever.  Granted, it no
>longer gives you 22 EXP for a AHP 11 Joe Average fighter, but instead gives
>you 11. (OCV 2, DCV 2, EL 1).  In theory, AV should also be factored in

>In any case, it's not a perfect system and could use work and playtesting.

Let me apply this to the creature list...I'll reply on what I find.

Sorry ran out of time. I'll write later.


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