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>I do not like the Fluency-80 modifier on IC however...I'm going to have to
>dig up the language effects table from my old RuneQuest books and make a
>variant (will be posted here when done).

It has been a while, but I did dig up my RQ books, and found the infamous
Attached as a format that some will despise. And included below in what
seems to me will become an html-formatted message body as soon as I hit the
send button. O tempore ...

Well, as Burton has already found out, I have little time at the moment, so
this rather 'orrible formatting will have to do. I love this table btw.


Language Proficiency Table

Roll D100 Result

01-10   May only communicate simple ideas like "I want food."
11-30   May get across simple requests and live daytoday in the native
country of the language speakers. "How many moneys for leg of lamb?"

31-50   Assured communication. One can speak better than a stupid native
(most stupid natives will be 30%!) and get most ideas across. "But that was
only three coppers yesterday."

51-80   Allows one to tell stories, sagas, songs, etc. Can argue and
bargain as well as any native speaker. "That lamb was rotten before it was
butchered, and it never was worth the spit it took to hit the tax
collector's eye last month."

81-100  This is the language of poets, philosophers, leaders, diplomats,
emissaries and others who aspire to a fluent grasp of the nation's speech.
"Surely the assessment for this specimen of decomposing provender could be
reevaluated in consideration of its advanced state of putrefaction."

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