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>> >Scott Adams wrote:
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>> >>How do you guys deal with shield experience?
>> >>
>> >>Do you simply get experience if a shield hit occurs?
>> >>What do you guys say?
>> >>
>> It just seems weird to do that when a guard may just yawn and raise his
>shield in the exact time to block a rock or something.
>> >
>Just like the guard may stretch while yawning and run someone thru with his
>C'mon, how else is someone going to get experience with their shield (except
>for boring study)?
>And yes, they do use it in combat and it can make the difference between
>being spitted and being missed.
>Do you want to keep track of all the possible times the shield made for a
>different result? Are you going to track it to the shield hanging there (no
>exp since just mobile cover) and when it was the skill in it's use that made
>the difference (exp because skill was used)?
>If so, well...have fun.
>Myself, when I ref I keep it simple. I use rules 2.22 and 2.221. i.e. 1
>partial if shield is used but no hits scored on it, cdf x 2 expertise if the
>shield blocks a hit.
>If that is a give-away of expertise, so be it.

I've seen the arguments.  Its not as realistic as it boils down to.  I mean
simply standing there one doesn't learn if something hits your shield.
You DO learn if you use the shield through bashing or special purposes
yes or even a critical attack.  But just using it in combat I'm still not
100% agreeing with it.  I guess its the way its designed.  Another
system I know does it and I might adapt some of its use into
pnp but not fully decided yet.  Does a guard learn hand to hand
skill if he happens to raise his arm in time to block sand thrown at him?
or an attack?  I could say yes in a minor way but it just seems absurb
to think about at times.

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