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>Scott Adams wrote:
>>How do you guys deal with shield experience?
>>Do you simply get experience if a shield hit occurs?
>>Doesn't seem right to me since its a bit different.  Now I think you should
>>certianly get it if you BASH someone with it or use it offensively or
>>your trying to cross a parapet and avoid archers below and that's
>>a obvious skill use in terms of concentrating on blocking the attack.

>>What do you guys say?
>As I understand the rules, you also get the expertise of a partial
>success (1 expertise) if you use your shield in combat in addition to
>the success expertise (CDF x2) if you block a hit with your shield
>(shield hit).

It just seems weird to do that when a guard may just yawn and raise his
shield in the exact time to block a rock or something.  I mean what about
those body shields that cover a body you simply relax behind it and you
get expertise for that? Why not get "Wall Block" experience if your
behind a wall then.

>A Referee could always decide to give some expertise in the shield skill
>if you use it in some clever way.  I also think your right that if the
>Ref allows the use of a shield in an offensive manner, that bashing
>someone with it should count as a hit, just like with any other weapon.
>  However, since the system doesn't cover that, you'd have to make up
>some rules for it.  I'm not sure that I would make the skill to do a
>shield bash, the same skill as the skill to use a shield defensively.  I
>might make it a different skill in the shield group.

Yeah.  I was just curious what others did.

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