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Good luck finding them. Best bet is to scour any out-of-the-way game stores,
or eBay.
       -- Burton

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|| Subject: P&P Supplements
|| Hi!
|| Though I do own the P&P basicset a couple of years I have
|| developed just recently a serious interest in this game(system).
|| My group & I are thinking about starting a new campaign, but
|| we have not yet decided which system/background we will use,
|| nor which of us will be GM. With this in mind I looked
|| through my elder RGP-stuff and rediscovered P&P. Right now I
|| am thinking to start a new hard epic fantasy-campaign and
|| P&P looks to be the System of choice...
|| So what I am babbling about is since I do ONLY own the
|| P&P-mainbox I am looking for the other P&P-supplements!
|| If anyone (in Europe) wishes to sell his (or
|| hers)supplements (book of tables, tower of the dead,
|| perilous lands, or in parts, or complete with mainset)or is
|| willing to sell photocopies of the listed items
|| pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase drop me a line!
|| Greetings,
||                 Guido Buchholz
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|| father at ratbike.org
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