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I'm interested in any changes people have made out there to streamline parts
of the rules.  While I like the skill system and the "use it to improve it"
mentality, as well as the idea that some skills just take longer to improve
due to complexity, all the math can get to be a drag after a while,
especially when you have to help some of the players do it (i.e. they hand
you the sheet and have you do it...can't really refuse since the player is
not the best at math (numeric dyslexia) and is my SO. :}
        -- Burton

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|| >In a somewhat related item, I have been getting a bit 
|| annoyed at some of the
|| >excessive math required for skills. The end of combat is 
|| usually a pencil
|| >and eraser fest as learned points are allocated.  In an 
|| idea to streamline
|| >this process, while keeping the overall idea intact:
|| >
|| >   1) Skill increase multiples are divided by 5.  Skills 
|| will have the
|| >nearest whole factor for their NEL.
|| >
|| >Thus A skill formerly at NEL x7 is now at x1.  A skill 
|| formally at NEL x15
|| >is now at x3. Increases are still handeled the same way (a 
|| skill now rated
|| >at x2 will take 10 marks to get to EL5 from EL4).
||  That would make characters more versatile but I'd have to 
|| seriously think
|| about that and review the skill list to see how it would 
|| affect things...I'm
|| not a Yes or No on it yet...
|| >
|| >   2) After combat, player may roll 1d6 per CDF of the creature he
|| >encountered.  On any roll of 5 or 6 he gets a mark.  Skill 
|| increases when
|| >the needed number of marks are reached.
|| >
|| >I plan to bounce this idea off one of my players tonight 
|| (not in play, doing
|| >his Perilous Lands game based on a different system).
|| >
|| >A possible option to this is if excess marks may carry over 
|| toward the next
|| >level, or if they are lost at the EL transition.
|| >
|| >For non-combat skills, roll 1d6 and gain a mark if you roll 
|| anything other
|| >than a 1.  Use of such skills in a combat situation allows 
|| for 2 dice to be
|| >rolled.
|| >       -- Burton
|| >
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|| Now #2 I could go with that is pretty much an adapted system 
|| we've used..
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