Archery question

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Apr 19 21:33:06 CEST 2001

What? Naw, I'd rather not let you agree to disagree. I haven't heard
anything that convinces me that a Base Line should be used. Because you are
at far ranges you will not get deadly hits - ABSOLUTELY! Do you have the
SKILL (high EL) to make the far range shots or not? Are you a shartshooter
or just average skill? Far range shots have EVEN MORE to do with skill than
do close shots. Standing point blank you are MUCH MORE likely to kill
someone with an arrow as well. If not just from a direct hit to the head or
heart, then from the pure shock from the force that was not lost in flight.
Tell you what, if we ever get together, you can let me shoot an arrow at
you from 300 feet, 60 feet and point blank (10 feet). I'll switch to a
sling and stone and maybe then darts. We'll see which does more damage and
has more of a chance of critical damage. When I'm done we can debate
whether it was my suddenly granted (by the weapon) superior skill or simply
the range that made the difference. Seriously, do you see the point of what
I'm saying? Closer weapons have a MUCH greater chance of doing serious

If you can make me miss by playing like you are moving right, then actually
moving left your DCV has played a part. If I can lead you and tell that you
are going to feign right and fire left, my OCV has played into it. If my
OCV is higher you get hit. If your DCV is higher you get missed (presumably
because you chose to actually go right and I fired left). This is combat in

It seems to me a lot more accurate than saying that if William Tell, Robin
Hood and I lined up on a line and fired at you we all would have the same
chances of hitting you (minus skill modifier). William Tell as you may
know, was a very highly skilled archer, and could do long range trick
shots. Robin was a fair archer (probably a few el's from his military
service) but still managed a few nice shots when it really mattered. I am
not very skilled and probably wouldn't hit you if you moved at far range.
Point blank we could ALL kill you with an arrow. Not because we have the
skill, but because the weapon is 16% deadlier at close range. To say that
at close range we all are "combat masters" is simply wrong.

I guess I am nit picking a little, but it seems to me that all combat
should be done the same, whether ranged or not. As it makes logical sense
in the context of the game I propose that it be run that way.

If someone can provide a logical argument as to why it should be
an "overriding skill level" rather than a range modifier I am all ears.


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