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|| pps. +8 = 4 CEL's. I disagree. +8 means 8% more likely to
|| kill. 4 CEL's
|| represent 8% more likely to hit. The whole "spread out"
|| thing you stated is
|| right... And weapons should be rated as more and less
|| deadly, not more and
|| less likely to be used effectively to hit.

I guess we just have to agree to disagree here.  Just because you are at the
far range doesn't mean you will never get deadly hits, which is what happens
with a roll modifier. Likewise, just because you are at point blank (short
of  within a few feet) doesn't mean that you are that much more likely to
hit the head or heart.

If I were to go from 6" (20y, short range) to 2" (7y, point blank) with my
bow at the target My chance of hitting is obviously better, but my chance of
hitting the center (deadly) is not THAT much higher, even though it is
improved due to the greater table row.

At least, that's how it feels to me.  Let bows become more-or-less effective
at hitting due to range, but it is player EL and target defenses (shield EL
or dodging) that affect the lethality of the hit.
     -- Burton

P.S. A similar gripe on this is when firing at giants or large
creatures...they supposedly get a modifier per certain number of feet over
man-sized...what, their heads get THAT much bigger?

I think a table mod is better placed here as well.

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