Archery question

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Thu Apr 19 19:19:16 CEST 2001

Many different systems yes, but combat is pretty much standard. OCV-DCV =
Base Line. MEL = Base Line. Offensive EL/skill - Defensive MDV/skill = % to
affect with spell/hit. KISS I say.

As far as archery is concerned, I too have about a EL 0 or 1 skill (I would
not go hunting just yet). What does it mean to me? It means that I can aim
a bow and let the arrow fly and hit the 60' target just about every time.
My question is this: if I were a combat veteran, would I always aim for the
center? Or would I aim for where I KNOW the center is going to be? What the
Base Line Bow (BLB?) method states is that with MOVING TARGETS you are as
likely to hit someone as a really experienced combat vet is. I think he
might know a few more things than I do, like how to lead a target, how to
guess where the target will be based on how it is moving (dodging and
weaving), and a few hundred other things that might go through a true
killer's mind. Being that he has just learned how to aim a bow (as I did in
archery class), is he going to be able to hit a moving target easier. I say

I simply don't think it is realistic to say that bows and guns are "point
and pull" weapons. There is a GREAT DEAL more that goes into fighting with
ranged weapons than that. This is OCV.

Let me explore the REFLECTION of what we've been discussing so far:
Superdude the Excellent picks up a bow. He knows that in order to kill
things you ALWAYS aim for the head/heart. It is the ONLY place he will aim.
He knows how missiles fly, how people move when defending, how to predict
where his prey will be in two seconds, air speed velocity is SW at 2 mph,
and a HOST of other things (remember he is superdude). He has no skill with
a bow (never picked one up before). Should his base line be based on the
weapon he is holding or the experience he has. Using the BLB method, you
asign him BL x. He gets a -20 (?) for no bow skill. He fires and can only
do a hit, even though he aims for the head EVERY TIME. Is this because the
weapon won't allow novices to hit people in the head??? Or can they only
shoot for the ears??? I think this is entirely wrong. In the OCV-DCV
method, if he is SOOO superior (say OCV 30) and always aiming for the head,
he can actually hit someone in the same scenario (-20 for no skill). This
is not because he picked up a more or less deadly weapon, it is because he
has a GENERAL MASTERY of how to kill things. This is what OCV represents.

I think it is correct to use this with ALL weapons.


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