Archery question

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Wed Apr 18 19:06:59 CEST 2001

Now, to more directly answer the question -

High DCV reflects a greater dexterity and agility and combat savy as it
were. So presumably the DCV 3 creature (or player) would stand a better
chance at being the one "standing in the open" when the missiles went a
flying. The DCV 15 creature would probably have at least ATTEMPTED to not
be where the missile was pointed. So when two Joe Peasant's let their
missiles go, it is only reasonable to assume that if the rolls are the
same, one did not hit the creature that was no longer where the missile was
headed when released, while the one who just "stood there" got it right
between the eyes.

Any time you use a fixed value in a system which reflects each individual's
skill and experience and physical attributes, you are cutting the heart
right out of the system.

I mean you might as well say all swords are the same, so you use a Base
Line of 5 for all of them. Great swords use 7 or 8. Pretty soon you would
have everyone and their neighbor using the weapon that has the best base
chance of success (and that would include the contrasting ease of learning
value for you number crunchers). Everyone would be weilding a greatsword...
Unless of course they got to use their OCV with Hand to Hand (not being
a "rated" weapon), in which case everyone would be Kung-Fu Fighting!


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