Archery question

Maouse maouse at FULTON-NET.COM
Wed Apr 18 18:55:28 CEST 2001

Must be just me, but agree this seems to be quite WRONG. If at best it is
the Bow factor used as a BASE (ie. BF - DCV = line). But why would one
complicate it in this way? If you are a CEL 1 fighter with an el 1, why
should you be able to hit a target as well as a CEL 14 fighter with an el
of 1? I mean, ruling skill out because it is equal, don't we tend to think
that the more combat savy individual will at least aim for the head? Don't
we think the less savy would just "point and fire"? I would tend to think
so. Thus I would have to propose throwing this "fix" right out. OCV is
figured as the offensive combat value because it shows experience, strength
and stamina... presumably under combat situations. You might want to
say "yeh, but bows use dexterity and agility skills." To wit I say, "that
is why there is a limit on the skill EL based on those stats." Your basic
COMBAT SAVY is still your OCV. OCV-DCV = Combat Table Line... it is pretty


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