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Thu Oct 14 05:32:25 CEST 1999

> It's a harsh world today.  Everyone seems to be going for CCG's or
> bare-bones systems.  Not many "functions for everything" systems out
> nowdays.

I hear ya!

> I would love to contribute to any sort of fan-rewrite if there was some
> organization.  I realize that It may be hard to get any sort of control
> the lands (Hiya Larry! any luck?) or the names, but whatever.
>      -- Burton

We are working on some stuff, and I'll keep you posted.  Definitely
interested in other player contributions.  As soon as I get some breathing
room, I'll contact you off the list to discuss what you have.


kototh at flash.net

That night the Captain's Granddaughter would celebrate her Birthday ...
"I've come along way" ... said the Captain,  "From Lost Christable this
night, accompanied by my dog familiar, to blast your rafters with my
surprise ... Granddaughter, it's a foreign Mirror, taken from the jungle by
crime ! "

         - Imaginos

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