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> At 09:39 AM 10/13/99 -0700, you wrote:
> >Hello, I just subscribed to the mailing list and wanted to introduce
> >My name is Greg, but I'll answer to Kototh as well.  I have been a big
> >of Powers & Perils since it's conception.  My very very good friend,
> >Snider, is the games creator.  I was involved in the post release play
> >testing of the game, and involved in developing some new things for the
> >re-released and expended version, which sadly never happed.  Also, I was
> >involved in a weekly game the Richard Snider ran for about 7 years, as
> >as running my own weekly game.
> Does he have anything typed up in files he could post to us ? :)

We have been in the (very very slow) process of converting things to
electronic copies.  Hang in there and I'll see what I can get you.

> >
> >I really enjoy the game, and miss playing...Richard lives in Minneapolis
> >I in Los Angeles now, so there is not much gaming interaction with our
> >group in Baltimore, MD any more.  And so far, have not found too many
> >people interested in RPG-ing.
> Wow no gaming in LA? figured there be a lot of rpg stores there.

There is, but either there is no interest in P&P, or most people have not
heard of it.  *sigh*

> >Anyway, looking forward to being on the list and hearing what people have
> >say.
> Well welcome to the list...

Thanks, looking forward to it.

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