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Scott Adams wrote:

>      Three things..
>      1) Moon?  Does the perilous lands have a moon? :)  Its obvious that when
> they made the map its 'earth' in many aspects from the culture to the pangea
> type masses.  But sholud we assume a moon? (ie moonlight could be imporant for
> adventures :))

     Yes there is a moon

>      2) Calendars...From the culture book we know many calendars exist.
> However what are the standard time frames?  Is there a normal 'month', 'week',
> year? Seasons?  Anyone thought about this?

    Days, weeks, months, years are all 'normal', as we know them.

>      3) Paul ming what's your web page? :)  Email it to me
> longshot at want to visit it.
> Scott Adams
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