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>I have sent the PC's twice to the Lands of the Dead, the last time to a
>that was placed there with all its inhabitants due to a curse of the duke
>was slain during a siege on the middle world. This seemed the
"friendliest" of
>hells to me, as other hells would be too noxious or fiery to survive, or
>be too dark to see anything and so on. Law magic was virtually impossible in
>this place (I believe I set an EL 6 immunity and every failure would turn
>abysmal), but it was a low-magic setting anyway: only dead, zombies, nergali
>demons (all with doubled scores) and an occasional harab serapel.

How did the god interact ...I mean if I was called alot i'd get upset.  What
level were the pcs
MEL/CEL wise?

>A funny aspect of this hell was, that one could actually call Myrkul, the god
>of the dead and necromancy and the ruler of this hell, who would come within
>1D6 turns to whomever would speak His name aloud. Actually the players came
>into this hell from a chaotic country in which copper coins where called
>"Myrkuls". A Myrkul was worth 4 "pazzi" (lead coins), so everyone threatened
>to call Him if other players did something they did not like: "Be quiet, or I
>will call 4 pazzi!"


The thing about both U and L worlds is it seems its totally up to the
referee..no rules seem to apply but some basic ones...interesting stuff...

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