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I have sent the PC's twice to the Lands of the Dead, the last time to a castle
that was placed there with all its inhabitants due to a curse of the duke that
was slain during a siege on the middle world. This seemed the "friendliest" of
hells to me, as other hells would be too noxious or fiery to survive, or would
be too dark to see anything and so on. Law magic was virtually impossible in
this place (I believe I set an EL 6 immunity and every failure would turn
abysmal), but it was a low-magic setting anyway: only dead, zombies, nergali
demons (all with doubled scores) and an occasional harab serapel.
A funny aspect of this hell was, that one could actually call Myrkul, the god
of the dead and necromancy and the ruler of this hell, who would come within
1D6 turns to whomever would speak His name aloud. Actually the players came
into this hell from a chaotic country in which copper coins where called
"Myrkuls". A Myrkul was worth 4 "pazzi" (lead coins), so everyone threatened
to call Him if other players did something they did not like: "Be quiet, or I
will call 4 pazzi!"

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We have some good experienced GMs here...

Who here has done any adventures in the other worlds?
Ie Upper and Lower?

Could you detail things you did?

(starting a topic up)

I did something a few years ago in the lower world but it was very short
like inand out..nothing too fancy...

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