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Tue Aug 10 02:48:15 CEST 1999

At 01:36 PM 8/9/99 -0700, Cheryl A. Ming wrote:
>>So how is everyone doing the list has been quiet lately.
>    Me? Ive been accepted into three different 3D Animation schools....and I
>choose to go to Vancouver Film School.  I'll be down in Vancouver (BC,
>Canada) on the 20th (and a few days before and after) and then moving down
>there on the 31st of Aug. for the next 10 months.
>    Gaming wise:
>    We played a cool D&D campaign for a few months.  We just started a short
>jaunt into the Kingdoms of Kalamar, using the Players and DM's Option rule's
>system from TSR (based on AD&D: it's simply too far removed from normal AD&D
>to still be concidered the same).  I'm going to be looking for new, unopened
>coppies of the P&P stuff when I'm in Vancouver.  I plan on taking the pages
>appart, copying them, and turning the coppies into a single, "hard-back" P&P
>book.  :-)
>Denakhan the Arch-Mage
>a.k.a. Paul L. Ming
>PS: if anyone lives in Vancouver (around West and North Van; or Dowtown) and
>could use another player, give me an email: pming at yt.sympatico.ca

Congrats on the school I wish i could draw but cna't :<  I barely have
trouble doing a simple circle :)

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