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Tue Oct 13 08:30:07 CEST 1998

>P&P .... I looked to Denakham pages ...
>So it is AD&D conversion to e-mail playing or what ...
>Can anyone tell me very shortly basic rules of this game, character
creation or
>something. I know a little AD&D and it's czech conversion Draci doupe
>{Dragon lair}

Ok, I'm usually the quiet one here, so I'll be fair and take a turn...

Powers & Perils is nothing like D&D except that it is a role playing game.
This is not an email game. This is a mailing list for people who love P&P
and like to talk about the game. However, since it's been mentioned now, I'd
be up for an online game as well. As for the rules, yes, characters are
created on paper by rolling dice and making certain decisions like in D&D,
but the P&P rules are far more advanced and logical than in D&D, such as
skills and magic. It's too detailed to explain in a message like this. You
should either find a copy of the game or check out a web page like Wout
Broere's. He has much of the rules online. I don't have the address handy at
the moment, but someone will post it for you I'm sure  (my computer crashed
and I'm still fixing the damage). One other comment that might help. P&P
doesn't use classes or levels like D&D does (for the most part). Your
character can be whatever you chose to call him, and his experience will be
based initially on the dice and your decisions when creating him. In D&D if
your a thief and you kill a monster, suddenly your a better pick pocket. In
P&P if you kill a monster, you get better at killing monsters. If you want
your pickpocketing skill to go up, you have to get out there and start
filching some wallets!

Hope this helps...


(Man, I gotta stop typing with a cigarette in my hand...)

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