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sc>   While I'd be willing to discuss the situation for many countries,
sc> I'd have to   say that Port Doman is almost classical in their
sc> Regressiveness.


sc> their corruption.  By  the year 1000, with the return of Nylasa power
sc> and the emergence of the Dark   City, Port Doman no longer dominated
sc> the land.  They have suffered resounding   defeats in the jungle and
sc> have been forced to adopt a defensive posture to   survive."

Ahh..the word corruption doesn't help my point.  :)

sc>   (Years given are in the Salaqi calender, for which the current year
sc> is 1100)

sc>   They are beset my enemies who wish to eradicate them.   Their
sc> military might is on the decline.   Their time of glory is past, and
sc> they have already begun theslide into   darkness.

     I can understand your point but they are still surviving to this day and
still a quite strong power in the area.  While they might be culturally below
most others they can still hold their own.  If they were constantly being
picked off by raiders then I might lean more your way.  I guess its just from
playing so long there you get to like a certain country (G)

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