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he> /+2 extra rest of campaign; Battle Modifier: +1; ; Leadership
he> Modifier: +3. 24+: Star Performance; Reputation: +1 /+1 extra rest of
he> campaign; Battle Modifier: +1; Leadership Modifier: +3. 22+: Great
he> Performance; Reputation: +2 rest  rest of campaign (only); Battle
he> Modifier: +1; Leadership Modifier: +2. 20+: Effective Performance;

You handle this sorta like I did years ago..very well done..

he> Finally, Buch is entrusted with the key role of riding around the
he> Woods and surprising the enemy. The GM decides that this is worth
he> Risk *5. Again, the crucial stuff is getting the force to the right
he> position at the right time, thus Tactics skill applies.

So would this turn the enemy to retreat some?...heh

Good example and its a similar system I used in many of the games I do just not
that technical with the charts here..but a good combination will do nicely.

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