Mass Combat System, Other Notes

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li> 2) As stated, the mass combat rules could use some simplification.  I
li> attempted to take the GURPS notes and send it over directly, and this
li> may work (more or less) but is still somewhat clumsy and requires a
li> lot of rolls.  I downloaded the actual text from Brett's site and
li> will alter it into a complete replacement for a future submission
li> (probably tomorrow).  I will be working on it tonight and tomorrow

Well maybe in a few weeks my time will allow some tinkering on them.  Just
gotta find the time.

li> 3) One of the players in Group #2, my brother, will be heading off to
li> norway sometime this month.  As such, Group #2 will probably fade out
li> or diminish in play.As such, the Marentian stuff is not forthcoming.

ahh...that's always hard to see occur...

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