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"B> Now the Centaur was, in her background, enslaved (by a Donaran) and
"B> as a result of this enslavement learned the equivalent of Eroticist
"B> (a very strange Donaran).

I'm going to have to seriously think about that one.  hmmmmmmmm...

Very interesting....unique I must say that...

"B> The Dirllar character was also enslaved at one point in his life, by
"B> the A'korchi.  He had learned Armorer beforhand, and he kept rolling
"B> the result to further training.  He became a master armorer by doing
"B> all their work.

I can believe that more than the above.  How do you handle the rolling?  I'm
new to the hero thing  your using for backgrounds.

"B> The fourth, a Djani, is the kicker (they are heading to Djanesborg,
"B> this will make fitting him in easier).  His mother was raped, which
"B> is how he came about.  Later onn in the background we find that he is
"B> nearly an identical twin of a son of a sitting noble...the King!

Royalty...always a good plot starter :)

"B> (Busy guy, that king of Djanesborg). The player decided to go with
"B> the Trickster cult.

Is that in the culture book?  hmmmm  I'v never played in DJ so haven't read
that section.

"B> So, adding to this mix is a character who is following in the ways of
"B> a cult that is very much outlawed and looked down upon, who looks
"B> like the Prince of Djanesborg.

That should be a easy enough situation to form at least 5/6 adventures from :)

"B> This will be very odd indeed.      -- Burton

Sounds like fun...wish I was there :)

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