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Wed Mar 18 15:09:28 CET 1998

Scott Cohan [SMTP:scott.cohan at SSA.GOV]
||     A daunting task, one that I know that I don't have time for.
Does anyone
||  have a simpler solution (and please don't say "let's use the RQ
gods", because
||  I don't have those.  If you really like them, post a run down of
||  cosmology).

The problem with Gloranthan gods is that they are VERY tied to not only
how the world works but to how the land is shaped.  The God Genert was
killed, his spirit eaten by chaos.  Thus in the continent of Genertala
we have the great wastes where nothing grows.  Horses were not a part of
the compact that the God Waha the butcher made with other animals, and
thus gain no nourishment from grasses of the praxian plains.

I am using the Gloranthan gods, but only to a limited degree, and only
because the book comes with a ready set of notes on divine spells
available.  Even then, I am really only using them in name -- I am
ignoring 90% of the myth behind them.
     -- Burton
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