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|| "B> Now the Centaur was, in her background, enslaved (by a Donaran)
|| "B> as a result of this enslavement learned the equivalent of
|| "B> (a very strange Donaran).
|| I'm going to have to seriously think about that one.  hmmmmmmmm...
|| Very interesting....unique I must say that...

It is that.  The book is great for getting background hooks out of.  You
can, of course, end up with completely twisted individuals if you are
not careful.

However, I have always played and viewed the Donarans as the "decadent
roman orgy types", so it wasn't too bad a stretch.
Actually, the skill in my game is "Sex Appeal", and she is a Female
centaur, so he may have just liked the scenery. :)

||"B> The Dirllar character was also enslaved at one point in his life,
||"B> the A'korchi.  He had learned Armorer beforhand, and he kept
||"B> the result to further training.  He became a master armorer by
||"B> all their work.
|| I can believe that more than the above.  How do you handle the
rolling?  I'm
|| new to the hero thing  your using for backgrounds.

When I used the book I have them roll the age of the events first.
Then, when they are rolling the actual tables I weight the
reasonableness of the result against the current age of the character
and all other past events.  If it doesn't work, they reroll.  This weeds
out the really twisted results without removing all of the twists and

||"B> (Busy guy, that king of Djanesborg). The player decided to go with
||"B> the Trickster cult.
|| Is that in the culture book?  hmmmm  I'v never played in DJ so
haven't read
|| that section.

Well, not really.  I am running a modified RuneQuest game system (some
would say completely bastardized :) that uses my 2d10 task skill system.
I have been using the various Gloranthan Gods, but using the Perilous
Lands.  It has been a bit tricky, but
so far it has worked well.  Glorantha-wise, their "Chaos" is my

Whatever cultural stuff I work up for the Lands that I post here will be
cleaned up for pure P&P.  Plus any game aids i make that are of general

|| "B> So, adding to this mix is a character who is following in the
ways of
|| "B> a cult that is very much outlawed and looked down upon, who looks
|| "B> like the Prince of Djanesborg.
|| That should be a easy enough situation to form at least 5/6
adventures from :)

Tell me about it. And the characters have decided to set down roots in
Novholm (far enough away from the capital that this character can
        -- Burton
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