Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Mon Jan 19 16:37:22 CET 1998

>     Hey Wout!  You scanned a ton of stuff.  Any advice for this newbie!?  I
>just now fixed my scanner (had to get another unit after it didn't work) and th
>esoftware conflicts.  Scanned a few minor things in (including a GM screen for
>pnp).  JUST now about 5 min ago figured out I have to convert the files to text
>or a bunch of other formats to get text files.  Any advice on the text file?
>My first attempt was awful with margins and other things.  I think you scanned
>your own stuff on the web page?

Most of the scanned stuff I have has been scanned by others and mailed to
me. I tried some scanning myself, and that goes well, as long as the
resulting file is some graphical format. No luck so far with OCR to get the
actual text back. (Lack of good OCR software.)
All text on my pages has been typed by hand. That's why the priest article
is incomplete. Don't have the time to type.

Just two pointers:
Most important is to check that the scanned images are parallel with the
page margin, and not rotated by a slight angle. Most drawing programs only
handle rotations in 1 degeree increments, whereas most scanning programms
can handle smaller increments. I find that most scans are rotated by a 1/2
degree or something like that, and it may not seem much, it looks awfull.

And when you want to OCR a scanned text, there is always some minimal dpi to
take care of, like 100x100 dpi or even finer. The finer the scan, the easier
to OCR soemthing, and the less you have to correct by hand.


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