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sc> What were you going to send me? (I forgot now).  Well I do have a fax
sc> received anything..soooo..not sure ...we'll work on that later when I'

sc>   I'm not sure.  I know that I wanted the Priesthood and Priestly Magi
sc>   and I have the Sea or Tears articles, the Travelling through Donara
sc>   and DOOM MANOR.

Ok.  Why not email me here at the bbs..
longshot at

Then we'll work on the hows and when's.  Basically I could scan those articles
(just learning all that stuff) or copy and send...we'll work on the details if
you want..  So we don't clutter the list up with details.
I'd like the travelling/doom manor stuff.  Are they photocopyable and you could
send them?  I don't trust fax receives too well as I've never really done them
(never really tried hard enough honestly).

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