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Charles S Remis cremis at MYRIAD.NET
Tue Sep 16 00:14:53 CEST 1997

Paul L. Ming wrote:

>     To the other fellas on the list, I have a question:   What do you
> consider the 'expertise power levels' to be?  What I mean is, do you
> think that a normal EL (ahem...I group the skills into two: "Normal"
> [like combat skills] and "or 80" [the other skills that can go up to
> 80]; easier to figure out the difficulties and stuff) rating is for
> Newbie, Average, Experienced and Very Experienced?  I go by this
> approximation:
>     Rating        "Normal"        "or 80"
> ------------------------------------------------
>     New              0 - 2             1 - 25
>     Average        3 - 5             26 - 40
>     Good            6 - 9              41 - 60
>     Expr.            10 -14            61 - 70
>     Master            15+                71+
> Any comments?

Personally, I use a simpler system based on 30/50/80 as
Apprentice/Journeyman/Master for "or 80" skills.  I allow characters to
automatically perform tasks within thier skill level unless there are
adverse conditions.  As far as other skills, although the actual conversion
is 10:1, I generally use 4/8/10.  The advantage of this system is that most
of the functions of the skill will never need a roll.  An apprentice armorer
should be able to make simple repairs, and there shouldn't really be a
failure chance, etc.

> Oh, one more thing; this is just to assure myself mostly....when
> creating a character, the characters score in Constitution and
> Appearance is equal to his Maximum, right? This is the only exception,
> right?  Or did I read it wrong _again_?  I have been using the Curr=MAX
> for C and Ap and it seems to work fine (before the characters were
> dropping like flies! (Not enough HP).

Yep, you've got it this time.  C and Ap are not assigned multipliers from
your pool (they are rolled), and they start with current = max.

Charlie R

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