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Mon Sep 15 21:05:49 CEST 1997

>    Do you use a 'technical' formula to convert Harn to P&P? Or do you
>just estimate?  ("Hmmm...Harn guy here is good with the sword, not the
>best, but definitely good....Ill make him a EL6 in Long Sword")  I would
>see the later as being the easiest (and quickest).

Honestly, I am currently running a Harn campaign using the new Harnmaster
2nd Ed rules with a lot of P&P inspired house rules thrown in for good
measure. Right now, I do not have anything going on with P&P and would
probably rather play than GM. So, I am not the most active P&P player, but
I did run a P&P game for about 4 years way back in the early middle
eighties (I think).

A few months ago, I blew the dust off my P&P stuff and came to find out (to
my horror) that I was missing book 2. Well, I'm pretty anal when it comes
to my games (my house is a gaming museum) and I set out to repurchase a
copy of the rules. Eventually, after many months of searching, Crazy Egors
game wharehouse in upstate NY got me a copy, but the price tag was pretty
stiff ($38).

Also, if I ever do decide to switch my Harnworld to P&P, I will likely just
start over rather than convert existing characters. Essentially, I did not
want the rules system in order to switch my game. I went to Harnmaster
about 9 years ago (switched from P&P, sorry guys), and am very happy with
the game. However, P&P has some great stuff in it, like all the various
spell ideas and the armor fatigue rules. I have used a lot of this stuff in
my version of Harn.

Dave (hoping I'm not branded a heretic) Debien

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