New Guy on the List

Paul L. Ming pming at KLONDIKE.COM
Mon Sep 15 20:45:58 CEST 1997

Hiya Dave!

    Welcome aboard!  Don't worry about the lack of posts right
now....Wout (hope I spelled that right) is working hard at spreading the
word around to intice new members to the list. :)

    As for Harn as a world for P&P; I think that is a great idea!  I
like Harn as is, but I can see it fitting nicely with using the P&P
system.  I have my own world (called Shadowthorn) that I am ever so
slowly putting up on the web  ( ).
Matter of fact, I just got a new site that I can host my graphics and
stuff on, so the Geocities site will probably contain mostly P&P stuff.
Im revising it right now.

    Do you use a 'technical' formula to convert Harn to P&P? Or do you
just estimate?  ("Hmmm...Harn guy here is good with the sword, not the
best, but definitely good....Ill make him a EL6 in Long Sword")  I would
see the later as being the easiest (and quickest).

    To the other fellas on the list, I have a question:   What do you
consider the 'expertise power levels' to be?  What I mean is, do you
think that a normal EL (ahem...I group the skills into two: "Normal"
[like combat skills] and "or 80" [the other skills that can go up to
80]; easier to figure out the difficulties and stuff) rating is for
Newbie, Average, Experienced and Very Experienced?  I go by this

    Rating        "Normal"        "or 80"
    New              0 - 2             1 - 25
    Average        3 - 5             26 - 40
    Good            6 - 9              41 - 60
    Expr.            10 -14            61 - 70
    Master            15+                71+

Any comments?

Oh, one more thing; this is just to assure myself mostly....when
creating a character, the characters score in Constitution and
Appearance is equal to his Maximum, right? This is the only exception,
right?  Or did I read it wrong _again_?  I have been using the Curr=MAX
for C and Ap and it seems to work fine (before the characters were
dropping like flies! (Not enough HP).

Ok. That's enough for now.

Later all!

Denakhan the Arch-Mage.
    a.k.a. Paul L. Ming, DM of Shadowthorn

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