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Tue Sep 16 13:50:32 CEST 1997

Paul notes...
||    Do you use a 'technical' formula to convert Harn to P&P? Or do you
> || just estimate?  ("Hmmm...Harn guy here is good with the sword, not
> the
> || best, but definitely good....Ill make him a EL6 in Long Sword")  I
> would
> || see the later as being the easiest (and quickest).
> When I have palmed equipment over I have found that 1f=1bb works
> pretty good.  The stuff I can't get from GURPS I plan to rob from
> Harn. :)
> ||    To the other fellas on the list, I have a question:   What do
> you
> || consider the 'expertise power levels' to be?  What I mean is, do
> you
> || think that a normal EL (ahem...I group the skills into two:
> "Normal"
> || [like combat skills] and "or 80" [the other skills that can go up
> to
> || 80]; easier to figure out the difficulties and stuff) rating is for
> || Newbie, Average, Experienced and Very Experienced?  I go by this
> || approximation:
> Well, I have to admit that I chucked the "or 80" class out the window
> -- all skills in my game have a "normal" EL (including languages --
> max native is now 20, max non-native human is 16, max other race is
> 12).  Obviously, I had to refigure the NEL costs -- I can post this as
> well if there is interest.
> Given that, it is somewhat hard to apply ratings to the ELs, since Joe
> Average has a general maximum of 4 in any skill, roughly.  I don't
> know about y'all's games, but I do
> allow for NPCs to have slightly higher attributes, but only those
> relating to their core skill.
> So, I would rate 0-1 as "Novice" and 2-4 as "Trained".  Skills above 4
> indicate above average talent AND dedication to the skill -- 5-8 is
> "Experienced" and 9+ is "Mastered".
> Remember that to get a 9 skill your key attributes need to average
> about 45, a x4 for the average human, x3 for slightly better ones.
> || Oh, one more thing; this is just to assure myself mostly....when
> || creating a character, the characters score in Constitution and
> || Appearance is equal to his Maximum, right? This is the only
> exception,
> || right?  Or did I read it wrong _again_?  I have been using the
> Curr=MAX
> || for C and Ap and it seems to work fine (before the characters were
> || dropping like flies! (Not enough HP).
> That's how we have always read it.
>     -- Burton

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