Magical Flavor

Wout Broere broere at DUTCHPU.TUDELFT.NL
Mon Sep 15 21:25:35 CEST 1997

>    Another thing I am working on (phew!) is the development of diferent
>sub-structures of the main Orientations.  Think of them like
>specializations in a particular area of magic. For example, necromancy.
>Necromancers are always good bad guys, but as it stands , a P&P chaos

>    Anyone else do anything like this?

Not in this way, but just by choosing a limited set of spells from the lists
and using those, you can create the effect of specialized mages by
roleplaying. Give a mage only Necromantic Powers, Lichcraft and Leeching and
he can make quite an interesting (and powerfull) character.
This effect is strengtened as casting the same spell quite often and other
spells next to never tends to make a mage powerfull in that spell, which in
turn makes the character and/or the player favor that spell.

It has more or less the same result, without limiting the enourmous freedom
that p&p offers and is one of it's strongest points i.m.o.


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