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Paul L. Ming pming at KLONDIKE.COM
Tue Sep 16 02:56:43 CEST 1997

Wout Broere wrote:

> Not in this way, but just by choosing a limited set of spells from the
> lists
> and using those, you can create the effect of specialized mages by
> roleplaying. Give a mage only Necromantic Powers, Lichcraft and
> Leeching and
> he can make quite an interesting (and powerfull) character.

    Yes, this is simple enough, but I like to have something difinitive.
Like a boxer and a kick boxer. Both can fight, but there are some things
that a kick boxer can do that the boxer can't and visa-versa. Just the
name does not a Necromancer make. ;-)  With a lot of role-playing and
mature players, the 'nothing special' approach works; I just like to
have more difinition to my catagorization.

> This effect is strengtened as casting the same spell quite often and
> other
> spells next to never tends to make a mage powerfull in that spell,
> which in
> turn makes the character and/or the player favor that spell.

    This is one of P&P's BEST things.  I absolutely LOVE that if you
cast Water from Stone once per year, and Fire Darts once per day, you
will be MUCH better at Fire Darts.  Makes a lot more sense than AD&D,
Rolemaster and most other FRPG's.

> It has more or less the same result, without limiting the enourmous
> freedom
> that p&p offers and is one of it's strongest points i.m.o.
> Ft

   See above.  :)

Thanks for the reply guys!  :)
This list is shaping up already  (did I hear *7* people now!....time to
think about installing that T1 line.....;)  ).

Paul L. Ming
    a.k.a. DM of Shadowthorn.

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