Magical Flavor

Paul L. Ming pming at KLONDIKE.COM
Mon Sep 15 21:13:10 CEST 1997

Great notes there Burt!
    I have always been undecided if I thought of P&P magic as  'forces'
or as  'energies'.  After reading your post, I am leaning towards the
former.  :)

    Another thing I am working on (phew!) is the development of diferent
sub-structures of the main Orientations.  Think of them like
specializations in a particular area of magic. For example, necromancy.
Necromancers are always good bad guys, but as it stands , a P&P chaos
wizard can call himself a necromancer and ther would be nothing to
distinguish him from any other chaos wizard.  Obviously, a necromancer
would have certain mannerisms and view about magic. The necromancer
would probably see magic as manipulating the spirits of the dead to do
his bidding as well as the primal forces of life and death (mostly
death). A necromancer would develop spells that only he and others who
viewed and practiced magic the same way could really understand...thus,
a 'sub-structure' of Necromancy under Chaos.
    What i am getting at is that I am working on creating these
'sub-structures' and developing a few special spells for them that only
they could really learn.  The sub-structures I have so far are
Necromancy, Travel, Divination, Elementalism (E,A,W,F) and
Transmutation.  This list is ever changing, however.

    Anyone else do anything like this?

Paul L. Ming
    a.k.a. DM of Shadowthorn

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