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 w.> Yes, we do have some characters use mana storage amulets, as described
 w.> in the optional part of Perm. Magics. This means creating sopme kind of
 w.> table on your char. sheet and keeping record of only your own mana, but
 w.> also of that of your amulets.

        Interesting.  Wasn't sure how many might use that.  Do you put
        a limit on the amount of mana to store? Or use any other type
        of rules like the device loses X mana per day in drainage...

 w.> We have at times adapted several sets of mass combat rules to p&p.
 w.> Warhammer fantasy battle and Warhammer 40k Epic Battle rules both were
 w.> good for a one time only experience. We also adapted the fantasy part
 w.> of some very old wargame (can't remember the name now) once, not to
 w.> great a succes either. Only the W 40k Epic implementation has been
 w.> typed up, unfortunately it is in a Dutch/English mixture. For those
 w.> fluent in both languages, mail me if you want a copy.

        hehe..oh well..yes familar with Warhammer.  I've done the same
        with various other systems...or just use a mixture of my own...
        Even did some mass combat programs at times to do the dice...

 w.> None of the above lasted. We are now considering a new set of mass
 w.> combat rules. The implementation has been postponed however till the
 w.> next mass combat, i.e. not in this campaign. you know when that will come huh? :)
        I've done alot of mass combat in other systems but the only ones
        in pnp was maybe 30/50 vs 30/50.  Not that many...

 w.> (I'm reading Terry Pratchetts 'Hogfather' at the moment; the plot to
 w.> kill Santa) But I second that, Happy Holiday to all.


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