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 "B> That is tough.  I have nothing in general, but for this case I would
 "B> have the horses absolutely flee if they were
 "B> not war horses, and even then have the warhorses flee on a 1d10 roll
 "B> of 6 or more (subtract warhorse type, i.e. -3 for a War III).

        They did even before I saw all these replies..:)
        I might have to work on something or wait for the new rules
        to insert them in somehow.  But I figure one could do one
        based on SS and INT for creatures.  Maybe AHP as a size
        factor (Games like Hawkmoon use SIZ itself which helps but
        isn't in pnp terms).

 "B> We never seemed to have this problem.  Back in the old days when I had
 "B> players who used magic, a Mana supply never seemed to be a problem.

        Well I got one that likes to spend mana like its candy...
        I had to warn him about it.  He was 1/3 the way down on ONE
        day of the adventure.  And it JUST started :)

 "B> I recently found my copy of mass combat rules for GURPS.  I may look
 "B> at converting it if my current players ever get an army together. :)

        If you get the time we'd like to see some basic notes :)

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