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Wout Broere w.broere at CT.TUDELFT.NL
Thu Dec 18 10:30:55 CET 1997

>        Interesting.  Wasn't sure how many might use that.  Do you put
>        a limit on the amount of mana to store? Or use any other type
>        of rules like the device loses X mana per day in drainage...

The rules state a limit of (El+1)*10 mana to store in an amulet, and a
regeneration rate of El+1 mana per day.

> you know when that will come huh? :)
>        I've done alot of mass combat in other systems but the only ones
>        in pnp was maybe 30/50 vs 30/50.  Not that many...

Not in this campaign, as it is one session short of being ended, no mather
what. Possibility one: we find some spear in time and the world is saved at
the end of the next session, end of campaign and we start a new one with all
ne characters, or possibility two: we fail and the world is destroyed, we
start a new campaign with new characters.
So yes we do know that a mass combat will not come in this campaign any more :)

Mass combat in our rule is not 30 vs 30. We have done that with normal
combat rules. OK it was 30 vs. 8 and they were only 30 bandits. We were 8
mean fighters/magic users and so on. The first phase of the ambush was a bit
of a problem, but we won in the end.

Mass combat has been hundreds versus hundreds. That's what you get when
several thousand mean barbarians invade the civilised world. The problem in
not so much how to handle the cannon fodder, it is how to incorporate player
characters and major NPCs into the battle. There you have to find a balance
between individual combat scores and mass combat scores. Or how to change
the p&p scores into the mass battle system scores and keep the NPCs/PCs away
from the "one hit = sudden death"-problem, incorpaorated in most mass battle


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