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Z'leyra asks (in Katai) Tsia Phan "Would you prefer to talk in Katai or
practice  your Marentian?"

Upon receiving an answer she will then engage in conversation with her in
the chosen language covering the following topics...if Phan is agreeable to
Make sure Phan is fed and given water to drink.
Do you know knot work such that we can have a quick release fake knot till
we get out of sight of those thinking you guilty of crimes? Figure once out
of sight you can have your limbs free.
What weapons do you want to use? Shield? Does she want the loan of such?
Mention that she  (Z'leyra) is a weapon smith and can
sharpen/repair/manufacture weapons given the tools and time.
What other languages is she familiar with?
The party has traveled a not and most speak a number of languages. Z'leyra
enjoys learning new languages.
Can you describe where we are in relation to Katai? What you know of this
Exchange synopsis' of personal histories bit by bit,.
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