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   Noticing Tsia flinch during the conversation Dorhak had with Z'leyra regarding the woman Arawn wasn't overly surprised to find her suddenly addressing the party in Marentian. As a courier it would make sense that she would be versed in a variety of languages, if not a mastery at least something beyond rudiment. ​

   When the village chief's wife stepped forward to berate the men and defend Tsia the druid gave the woman a grin and look of support. He was glad to see that at least some of the villagers had some sense about them.​

   "I agree with the villager's wife," he said, giving the woman a respectful nod. "I would vote for Tsia to be unbound while she accompanies us. I sensed the truth in her words earlier and know that she is not a follower of the dark gods. And I am comfortable with her holding on to the daggers. She is one person among many, trapped far from home. It would be foolish for someone in her position to attack us or flee as her judgement, and ours, in the kril is the only safe way for the both of us to return home."​

   OOC: Welcome back, Don! And, Dorhak, I would normally have Arawn run the NPC/PC through a thorough magical interrogation but as Scott has mentioned that most players tend to find this distasteful I'll refrain from doing so unless your character insists. However, he will try and give you an answer as to Tsia's potential magical ability but will leave that for Scott to fill you in on or at least by the next post.

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