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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate

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         Game Update #120 sequence (file #899)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Alex: [Re: Status]
                 Scot’s brother is in the 
hospital with serous health problems. Scott will 
be distracted from the game for awhile, so expect delays.
                 Best wishes for his good health.
            GM: Ack.  Thanks 
Alex.     Yeah.  When I requested that in chat it 
was rushing packing to go to Orlando.  But had a 
bit more time than figured so did a longer post myself.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak is developing a headache. He isn’t sure about this 

                 To Gnorf, he says "We'll take care of her." 

                 coo - I hope you all like this!  It’s fun role play.
            GM: Ack .Indeed fun.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 To distracted us from worrying 
about the situation we can do nothing about 
anyone know what word "Sitrep" or 'siitrep' is 
supposed to be? Situation Report?
            GM: Ack.  Yep.  Its a military term 
used by special forces initially.  Now sitrep got 
worse for us all.  C19.  The apocalypse! Fun odd times huh?

            From Bess: [Re: Actions]
                 Thanks for the notice, Alex. 
Sending a prayer for Scott's brother.
            GM: Ack. VERY much appreciated.

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 Raddok, translating as best as 
he can the Marentian-Dwarf Elder 
            GM: Ack.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 Pyan gives his name that is used with strangers, which 

            GM: Ack. Good post.  Wasn’t' sure if 
that last part was a tagline or not. Good info.

            From Chris: [Re: Future new player]
                 Hi Everybody,  Just wanted to 
send a quick note to offer my prayers to Scott 
and his family.  You are in my thoughts.  V/R,Chris
            GM: Ack. Thanks Chris much appreciated.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 4th, 1636TH]

         [Time: 7:40am]

            Gnorf tells Dorhak, "They say she 
can't stay here.  Stealing is a serious 
offense.  So we are left with only 2 
options.  Well...maybe 3.  She gets deported back 
to Harn with the others.  By our strong 
urging.  She goes with you and let you deal with 
her.  Finally she could be set free to survive on 
her own.  She would of course be given her 
weapons back ? we aren't cruel. ?  He stares at 
Dorhak.  ?I personally don't care.  But we need 
to leave now since have long trek ahead."

            Dorhak is developing a headache. He 
isn’t sure about this thieving human woman, or 
how to handle her.  He certainly doesn’t think 
it’s appropriate to simply let her go!  She’s a 
thief, after all.  What would keep her from 
continuing her ways?  What would change in her 
circumstances where she turned to this despicable behavior?

            But even deporting her to this 'Harn' 
place seems cruel to this scruffy dwarf.  Ugly as he is, he still has a heart.

            Gods!  That only leaves one other 
alternative.  A rather distasteful one. Fortunately the Captain has an idea.

            All of this passes through his mind 
in a flash.  This is a good thing as hesitation 
in Command makes the troop, and sailors, nervous.

            To Gnorf, he says "We'll take care of her."

            He turns around toward Z’leyra.  In 
Marentian, "You!  You think we should help her, 
then you’re responsible for her.  If she steals 
again, you are responsible.  If she steps out of 
line, you are responsible.  Don’t be surprised if 
you are punished along with her if she messes up again.  Explain it to her."

            As Dorhak speaks to Z'leyra, Arawn 
notices the woman flinch ever so slightly for 
some reason.  It was so subtle that he barely even noticed it.

            He sighs heavily.  "For the trip over 
the mountain, she is to be treated as a 
prisoner.  She is to be bound during travel, and 
guarded.  We will all keep an eye on her as well 
as keep watch.  Her only time to be unbound is 
during meals." He looks over at Arawn and 
continues "Assuming she might have some magical 
talent..." he waits for a nod or head shake from 
him "...then she will be gagged as well. Watch 
her closely and give her no room for further, er, 
indiscretions.  When we get within sight of the 
Besamer kril, then we can decide if she continues on bound or freed."

            Gnorf explains to the villagers who 
grumble but step back.  Then when Gnorf hears she 
will be bound on travel.  “Fine if she goes with 
you I don't care. But no  sane person would 
travel over those mountains bound.  It would be 
bad enough for pack animals with good 
eyes.  Stumbles, falls, avalanches or slides are 
the least to worry about among hostile 
creatures.  I would not suffer her that way 
unless you feel it vital.  In fact a unarmed person is easy pickings.”

            "Understand, all of you.  I consider this distastefully lenient."

             Fremea frowns, she is a thief in 
many ways she was treated with far more 
respect.  To be bound is a kin to slavery.

              Raddok, translating as best as he 
can the Marentian-Dwarf Elder parts of the 
discussion & story of the accused thief - what 
was her name, Saeyah, Siyah, Fonn? - & feels some 
sympathy for what seems to be extremely bad luck 
for the stranger with one eye. Although he says 
nothing, he, too, is willing to let the Katai 
woman travel with them, rather than just see her 
killed, or abandoned to perhaps starve in the wilderness.

            He feels some relief that Dorhak 
accepts her accompanying them, even if as a 
prisoner. Although he's surprised initially at 
what seems a bit harsh, he thinks about Dorhak's 
decision. He suddenly realizes, in the midst of 
translating the last of Dorhak's words to the 
villagers, that they really know nothing about 
this young woman, and she had seemed extremely 
angry and willing to fight. He begins to 
understand Dorhak's decision - over the mountain 
trail the next few days, they'll have further 
opportunity to get to know her, whether or not 
she might be reliable as a member of a group, 
even if she is only allowed to speak/share information during meals.

            Once the talking seems to have come 
to an end, & he has a chance, Raddok will turns 
to Tsia, pat his chest, & with a small nod of his 
head and a small smile. He says, "Hello (with a 
friendly wave), my name is Raddok." He waits to 
see if the others will give their names (he is 
sure some of them have, those speaking Katai 
anyway) - he had spoken aloud without thinking 
hard about it - he knew giving out his name could 
be considered giving out some kind of power over 
him, so he would not give out any other name in 
the party. He does not know what Kiet, Z'leyra & 
Arawn have said to her, but it had to be 
reassuring, as she had definitely calmed down - 
at least a little bit, although she was still 
definitely angry. She seemed very frustrated, and 
must be, being as until now, no one had seemed to 
understand anything she had said. Raddok was 
willing to suspend any final judgment for now, 
and will be prepared to do his share at what now 
seems to be an additional guard duty.

            Pyan gives his name that is used with 
strangers, which might be different than the name 
he used with those that he respects and thrusts 
like the group. Can we say that's a thing Omavor do? on would building fun

            Pyan is a little wary of the one eyed 
girl, These thou stealing is honored in his 
tribe, like the Lacedaemonians of Earth, as it 
trains one to keep a constant vigilance or loose 
your things(thou it's helped that they don't 
hoard their possessions selfishly but share them 
with those that are in need of them) so her thief 
doesn't raise a eye with him, these 
'yokai'  don't sound like the type of beings that 
respectable people would make deals with. thou he 
won't rick offending them by stating such out loud.

            Tsia listens to the words and watches 
the 3 sides – party, villagers and the dwarves.

            She tilts her head as if looking to 
the left and right of her.  Her single eye moves 
about appealingly especially when she looks at weapons,
gauging the value of each as best she can.

            She follows the conversation as best 
she can but doesn't hide her under-
standing.  She swaps to a very halting Marentian, 
"I not wish to deceive, I am, versed in language 
of barbarians.  I am what you call more a," as she
pauses for the word, "courier, I think that is the word?"

            "I am a thief if I have stolen a 
horse from the Raiders?  I am only branded as 
such since they caught me with a raider horse," she spits on the ground.

            "I would not be indebted to you.  I 
will pay reparations for the horse, but again, I 
have not stolen from these pigs.  Only the horse from the raiders,"
she sighs.  "Or am I to pay reparations for all 
the predations the raiders have commuted against 
these barbarians?  If so I am unable to pay such 
a sum and would rather be allowed to defend 
myself by force of arms against my accusers," she looks at the guards near her.

            She looks at Dorhak, "I am no prisoner, I did my duty and was made
a fool for such.  My employer will be rather 
unhappy that they sought to trick me and 
them.  Shall I attempt to defend myself against 
you as proof I am not mere thief?" she asks as 
she crosses her arms, her single eye glaring at him in baleful hatred.

            "Shall I prove my honor?  My family 
may be arrogant and dishonorable
but I am not," she looks looks at him 
challengingly.  "I will defend myself if needed 
against such accusations.  I did not fight these 
pigs as I had no reason to do such.  Bondage and 
pain I am used to and they are little detriment 
to my well being.  The Yokai have given me that 
much," she offers while staring at him with her 
single black eye.  "What say you then 
dishonorable barbarian?" The fear in her eye is 
evident what she's fearful of she can't say.

            Moments pass to a couple minutes as 
all stare in shock.  Not only does she speak 
Marentian – a language home to a land over a 
thousand miles away – but the defiance in her stance against Dorhak.

            A woman in her 30s approaches with a 
bag and the leader who held the whip stops 
her.  They begin to argue in their native tongue 
quietly.  But the woman wins and moves past the 
bulk of a man.  Clearly it must be his wife and 
he knows who is boss at least in this situation. 
She drapes the bag around Tsia so it hangs to her 
side.  She mouths and gestures its food and 
water.  Raddok translates, “more than you were 
trying to obtain.”  She glares at Gnorf, Dorhak 
and then her husband. “Men only see the little 
things like their little brains in their 
pants!  She was only trying to get food to 
survive in a hostile land.  You clump her in with 
the raiders. That give you the right to punish 
her?”  She glances at her husband. “She could've 
stole weapons..even the jeweled solstice mask 
next to the food in the same shed! Did 
she?  Maybe she thought so but was caught.  A 
good thief doesn't get caught unless in desperate 
straits like hunger.  Now you want to ferry her 
across those mountains bound only to slip and 
break her neck?  Not even able to break her fall 
with her hands? Why not just kill her now and be 
done with it? Even a raider is allowed to travel 
unbound for that same reason!  Men use your big brains!”

            Then a lad in his upper teens comes 
forward and places in the hands 2 daggers hilt 
toward her body.  The lad backs away. “Simple 
...” she lifts the blades and Unali notices them. 
Very old blades and hilts.  Maybe even ceremonial 
not fighting blades.  “These things doubt could 
cut a bee hive open much less allow her to defend 
herself. Does she keep them or do you keep them?” 
She looks at Dorhak and Z'leyra.  Unali steps forward as if eager to speak up.

            Gnorf rolls his eyes and looks bored.

            Dorhak stares at Tsia.  Couldn't Mae 
change form  Could this be Mae since she had the 
same sass.  Does Tsia need a good slap as well?

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update...Tue/Wed?

         GM: Finally a new update!  Hiatus 
over.  It may not be often updates but Ill get 
the done.  When dad died in 2002 I took a few 
months.  But if I don't stay busy I'll not enjoy 
it.  So we'll move on.  For those with the kind 
words, the donations to the family we appreciate 
it big time.  I figure this is a good spot to 
end.  I was going to prolong this scene.  But 
with hiatus, this virus stuff and other things I 
figure I'll change that.  World has changed with 
this virus and some will have more free home 
time.  So let's move into fun times as the world 
degrades into chaos.  Wout I hope your nation is 
faring well.  If you hadn't figured it out.  Tsia 
is Don.  Welcome back. We could've drove it on 
for a while but his response above isn't clearly 
my flair.  So there you go.  Don you can post in 
list now not email.  Thanks everyone.

         GM: Player damage:

                     Player              Damage
                 Barbosa         9+1 [Moderate]
                 Arawn                   1
             Raddok              1

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