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Pyan gives his name that is used with strangers, which might be different than the name he used with those that he respects and thrusts like the group. Can we say that's a thing Omavor do? oo would building fun
Pyan is a little wary of the one eyed girl, These thou stealing is honored in his tribe, like the Lacedaemonians of Earth^1, as it trains one to keep a constant vigilance or loose your things(thou it's helped that they don't hoard their possessions selfishly but share them with those that are in need of them) so her thief doesn't raise a eye with him, these 'yokai'  don't sound like the type of beings that respectable people would make deals with. thou he won't rick offending them by stating such out loud.
^1 The punishment which Draco the Athenian, in the laws which he made for his fellow-citizens, inflicted upon thieves; that of Solon later; and that of our own decemvirs, who compiled the Twelve Tables; to which it is added, that among the Egyptians thefts were permitted and lawful, while among the Lacedaemonians they were even strongly encouraged and commended as a useful exercise; also a memorable utterance of Marcus Cato about the punishment of theft. --attic nights book, book XI by GELLIUS--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone. 

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 Raddok, translating as best as he can the Marentian-Dwarf Elder parts of the discussion & story of the accused thief - what was her name, Saeyah, Siyah, Fonn? - & feels some sympathy for what seems to be extremely bad luck for the stranger with one eye. Although he says nothing, he, too, is willing to let the Katai woman travel with them, rather than just see her killed, or abandoned to perhaps starve in the wilderness.

He feels some relief that Dorhak accepts her accompanying them, even if as a prisoner. Although he's surprised initially at what seems a bit harsh, he thinks about Dorhak's decision. He suddenly realizes, in the midst of translating the last of Dorhak's words to the villagers, that they really know nothing about this young woman, and she had seemed extremely angry and willing to fight. He begins to understand Dorhak's decision - over the mountain trail the next few days, they'll have further opportunity to get to know her, whether or not she might be reliable as a member of a group, even if she is only allowed to speak/share information
during meals.

Once the talking seems to have come to an end, & he has a chance, Raddok will turn to Tsia, pat his chest, & with a small nod of his head and a small smile. He says, "Hello (with a friendly wave), my name is Raddok." He waits to see if the others will give their names (he is sure some of them have, those speaking Katai anyway) - he had spoken aloud without thinking hard about it - he knew giving out his name could be considered giving out some kind of power over him, so he would not give out any other name in the party. He does not know what Kiet, Z'leyra & Arawn have said to her, but it had to be reassuring, as she had definitely calmed down - at least a little bit, although she was still definitely angry. She seemed very frustrated, and must be, being as until now, no one had seemed to understand anything she had said. Raddok was willing to suspend any final judgement for now, and will be prepared to do his share at what now seems to be an additional guard duty.

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