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   "My name is Arawn and I cannot guarantee your freedom just yet as my friends and I are strangers to these lands. But I will do what I can for you and speak on your behalf," he informed the woman in Katai. "As to the Yokai and your eye, that is something we can speak of more if circumstances allow. Perhaps that is something I and my friends can help with as well."
   Arawn nodded as both Z'leyra and Kiet spoke up, adding his voice to the mix when they were done. Addressing Gnorf and Dorhak in dwarf elder so they former would understand he then re-explained himself to the group in Marentian for those not able to understand Katai.​

   "Her name is Tsia Phan. Based on her story she's not aligned with the raiders. She was a courier delivering a package to them on behalf of an employer. Unfortunately she was tricked and was told she needed to accompany them to obtain her payment. The raiders attempted to enslave her or otherwise force themselves upon her at which point she defended herself which resulted in the death of one of the raiders.​

   As to her attempt to steal food and water, I imagine that was simply the act of a desperation. The act of a scared woman trying to find a way to survive in a new land in which she didn't speak the language or know who to trust."​
   He looked to Gnorf as he continued. "I sense that her words ring true for the most part though there are some areas that might need further clarification. Would it be possible to leave the gag off of her? And do you have any questions for her?"
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