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" “I am Burl Oakenheart.  Step forward so I can get better look.  Why the red ?We in this land aren't..as colorful. Gnorf tells me your story.  But I want to hear it in your words.  How you got here.  The dealing with the dead man.  The raiders and this stolen item.  What makes the item so special you come here for?”"

Dorhak is surprised.  No one asks to get a better look at him.  Ever.  He smiles over that.

"well, back in our current home, in a place called Marentia (a human kingdom) I was making a decent living cutting stone and making jewelry. I was delivering a statue to a human woman with little sense but more gold than she needed, when some humans tried to kidnap me.  In the process, they broke the statue.  That made me mad.  25 gold coins is hard to pay back.  So, I gathered my crew, weird though they are.  Mostly humans, and that freakishly tall elf, but they have proven to be reliable and strong allies.  We found the kidnappers had a ship, with more of their scum on board. My crew and I took the ship, which would normally have ended it, as the ship would have covered the cost of the statue."

Dorhak shakes his head and continues "you see, we found they had other dwarves in chains.  In cages!  We found information on board that led us to believe they were gathering our kind for a task in a different human country, called Vahear.  Well, this affront to our kind could not be allowed to go unpunished, so we set sail to meet up with the people paying for the dwarves."

"we met up with them and I, and one dwarf member of my crew, pretended to be slaves.  You see, they had discovered some abandoned dwarvish tunnels.  Inside it was something they wanted retrieved, but only a dwarf could possibly pass the wards.  They were very strong wards.  Anyway, I got us past the wards.  I was going to dispatch the bastard human when somehow he got ahead of us, grabbed a tome off a dias, then jumped thru a portal of some sort."

"we followed.  I figured if the tome was worth what it cost to gather dwarves for this, it was just about valuable enough to pay back for the hurt and damage caused.  We passed thru the portal and came here.  We found the human dead with an arrow in him, and then were attacked by some creatures of Kototh.  After we dealt with those disgusting creatures, we followed the killers.  One of my crew was able to track them.  The skills of my crew never cease to amaze me, but don’t tell them I said so."

"We found them in a cave and neutralized them.  That’s when Gnorf and the others showed up and rudely threatened us.  Now we are here."

"my crew and I mean you no harm.  We only wanted what was ours.  We have that.  Now, well, all we want is to head home.  Somehow. From what we have been told, we are a long, long way from home.  While we are widely travelled, none of my crew has been here before."
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