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    Character Name   Type       Player        Sex           Notes
..Arawn...........Druid...John.Haight........Ma..Alfar/Backup Navigator
..Raddok..........Miner...Bess Hadley........Ma..Human/Miner
..Unali...........Ninja...Wout.Broere........Fe..Human/Dagger Maiden
..Z'leyra.........Healer..Alex Koponen.......Fe..Human/Shaman/1st Mate

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         Game Update #111 sequence (file #838)

         Admin Notes: None.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 I'm beting horses don't know the 
diffrence between snakes and snake headed gorillas
            GM: Ack. Very good point.  To me most 
game horses are experienced to know snakes.  If 
they are just sit on farm all day no.  But if 
they travel then yes. They know the signs.  Experience.

            From Pyan: [Re: Actions]
                 Pyan is betting that that horses 
don't know the difference to and will say 
something about it.  I'm a bit mentaly exhasted 
from having some truble programing.  Scott make something some. :P
what I've been working on the bast 4 days.
ended up writing a script to write the program for me.
            GM: Ack. Looks like fun project.  I 
miss coding at home. :< Barely have time to do 
pbem much less coding. Good luck!

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 [OOC: If this doesn't fit, 
remove it, or any parts - condense it - lol. But I felt...]...

                 Raddok has about reached the 
limit of his ability to be passive 

                 [I know this is a lot of 
monologue, so shorten or interrupt it if 
necessary to fit the story (sigh – lol)]

                 {Happy 2020, everyone!]
            GM: Ack. No! That was great role 
playing.  That is exactly what we need. You did a great job.

            From Z'leyra: [Re: Actions]
                 After looking around per 
Rakkok's request, Z'leyra will go to guard the 
entrance. She switches to sword and shield and if 
fighting starts will initially be defensive in her fighting.
            GM: Ack.

            From Bess: [Re: Actions]
                 [OOC: After you read all that I 
wrote in the update I just sent, one or more of 
your characters might naturally interrupt or 
silence Raddok's outburst. If you do so, with 
GM's agreement, my nose will NOT be out of joint 
- lol. I understand - he just has to try to defend his friends. ;)]
            GM: Ack. No worries.  Never doubt yourself.

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                  "Personally, I'd like to get to 
know the besamer and this land. 

            GM: Ack.

            From Bess: [Re: Win Upgrades]
                 Totally understand - I got my 
Win10 in late November for necessary reasons - 
needing the internet & Win7 losing support. The 
machine I got has some glitches, but good memory 
& works with my RPGMMOs so happy enuff. AND I've 
yet to move some stuff from the old machine, even 
after six weeks or more on this one – lol.
                 Good luck!
            GM: Ack. Minor issues with old email 
program and trillian but think I got them figured 
out.  Still gotta tweak fonts and colors.  Open 
office as I type this is a bit dim so I actually 
turn Bold on to type this :) So gotta do tweaks like that but about 95% done.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 Dorhak is about ready to throttle this moronic, beardless 

            GM: Ack.

            From Panthera (Pyan): [Re: OOC Stuff]
                 Hello everyone.If I remember 
Scott encourages to have a life and is OK with non game related discussions.
                 [Rest removed since not really game stuff]
            GM: Ack. Good luck.  Things that make 
you happy is good for soul and mind. Others are 
free to help ya out in email or facebook. But I 
may have a idea for all of us that I thought of before I saw this.  See below.

            From Panthera: [Re: Don returning]
                 I say let him join back in. We 
can always kill off his char to make the 
situation more dramatic. :P But seriously Mea was 
like my 2nd or 3rd favorite chars.
            GM: Ack. Thanks for vote.

            From Dorhak: [Re: Actions]
                 I don’t want to fight these 
people but I don’t want to surrender to them either.
            GM: Ack. No harm in asking. Kudos.

            From Pyan: [Re: Suggestions]
                 Have Arawn transmute some stones 
into ale and have a drinking contest.
            GM: Ack. Heh :)

            From Arawn: [Re: Actions]
                 That could prove interesting!
            GM: Ack. Indeed..

            From Raddok: [Re: Actions]
                 [OOC: This is all being offered 
as possible approaches to action, and is 
presented as a tumble of thoughts & feelings 
going through Raddok's head, even as he tries to 
explain why & how his party was dragged into the 
situation.] That's why Raddok protested & started 
talking so fast. He won't mind being interrupted 
if someone comes up with something to do/say, but 
has a legitimate (to him) protest concerning 
being unarmed amongst strangers with 
spider-headed monsters about. His suggesting 
being allowed to each carry their own weapons 
seemed a reasonable compromise to him, although 
it's possible that one of his new friends could 
pull some very unlikely rabbits out of his or her 
hat(s), & were undeniably dangerous if provoked. 
He's a bit angry at being considered one of the 
thieves & being treated as such, even though, in 
the back of his mind he kinda understands the 
fellow's cautions. He also wonders where their 
knife-throwing friends are hiding, since he 
doesn't see the entire party gathered.

                 He will go along with the 
majority of the group that's present, most 
likely. He doesn't want to fight the 
friendly-seeming stranger's group, but doesn't 
want to be their prisoner either. He gave Dorhak 
the information their Captain wanted, and hopes 
that might help settle the matter - somehow, for 
the better. He's half-ready to drop his weapons, 
& will if Dorhak says to. He will not, however, 
be willing to carry any of the 'sleeping' 
thieves; that betokens being a part of that 
unsavory group. He's rather kick them to their feet.
            GM: Ack.

         [New Stuff]

         [Ma 3rd, 1636TH]

         [Time: 4:38 am – Besam, Eastern Lands]

            Raddok has about reached the limit of 
his ability to be passive and let events unfold 
as they will. He knows that Gnorff seems to 
understand/speak Dwarf Elder, even if he is not 
quite a dwarf, so he wants to throw out a quick 
summary of what, in his own mind, has been going 
on around him - not so diplomatic, perhaps, but 
frank and open anyway, without Dorhak's angry sense of injustice.

            Raddok had intentionally spoken out 
about what he had discovered about the so-called 
'raiders' being miners, not warriors, in Dwarf 
Elder as well as Marentian. After all, he wanted 
the visitor/native - Gnorff - to know what he was 
saying, both about his discovery & about what he 
was saying to his companions. Then, showing 
Gnorff back to where the sleepers were, he had 
noticed that the dwarf-appearing man seemed 
direct enough, not the cruel type, planning to 
have his people just kill these trouble-makers 
now unconscious around them. He had found himself kinda liking him.

            But Gnorff's apparent belief that 
some of his party, & friends, were complicit in 
whatever had been happening, was very disturbing 
to the miner. He blurted out without thinking, in 
Dwarf Elder, “But we don't even know where we 
are! We were only chasing an evil man who was 
responsible for enslaving & killing many dwarves 
back in Marentia, for some unknown secret he 
wanted. We finally catch up to him & he creates a 
- portal - and escapes through it, so we chased 
after him, and found ourselves suddenly in the 
middle of the night in a rainstorm - here!” And 
he spread out his arms, lifting them up slightly 
& looking about, indicating the general area 
around them. "And then we were attacked by those 
snake-headed spiders! I don't know about the 
others, but I have no idea where we are now. 
Those 'raiders of yours killed the man we were 
chasing - so we were worried - who were these 
horsemen? So we followed them here."

            He looked beseechingly at Gnorff. 
"Don't you see, asking us to give up our weapons 
to strangers - even kind strangers - is very 
threatening to our sense of safety right now. 
Can't you compromise & just ask us to put the 
weapons away. I'll gladly put my shield & mace 
back in their holding loops. But I want to be 
able to protect myself from any more snake-headed 
spider monsters or other unknown beasts out there 
- not to mention what seems to be an invisible 
snake in here around the horses. How can I trust 
an unknown number of strangers - who seem to 
think this is our fault, not these sleepers, or 
that we are part of whatever the gods know is 
going on around here?!" He took a deep breath to 
calm down. "Do you understand? We don't know 
these people - or you. All the thieves are only 
asleep - not dead. My friends are all awake; and 
we killed no one. We have stolen nothing - we 
only sought the one responsible for the death of many dwarves."

            Raddok shuts up, a bit afraid he's 
maybe said too much, although he mentioned no 
'treasure.' He hopes Fremea & maybe another 
member of the party have successfully hidden themselves - just in case.

            Gnorff stops at threshold of cave and 
turns around hearing Raddok.  He notices Z'leyra 
moving and drawing her large shiny sword.  Then 
glances at Dorhak and Arawn.  Before back at 
Raddok.  “What is Marentia?  You are in land of 
Beam – land of dwarf in what some outside call 
the Eastern Lands.  I like your spunk for a 
human.  But the reason I ask for weapons is 
safety of our village. Would you bring well 
armed...” he glances at Z'leyra and others.  “To 
a village with our wives and children? We might 
as well allow Kotothi beasts to eat us as we lay on ground not fighting back!”

            "Personally, I'd like to get to know 
the Besmear and this land. The portal must have 
connected here for some reason we've yet to 
understand, something I think it wise to discover 
as well. I'm comfortable disarming myself and 
accompanying them. After all, with our without 
weapons, this group is quite capable of taking 
care of itself," Arawn whispered to Dorhak while 
Raddok called out and Bergen explored the cave. 
"I think it a good idea to gain their respect and 
possible friendship. And if things go south it's 
not like I can't whisk us all away from here.

            Just remember, we're very far from 
home. Possibly beyond my limits to teleport us. 
So it might be best for us to work with the besmear to find a safe way home."

            Arawn knows he could teleport to 
Katai but how far is Katai from here? 100 miles? 
700? 1700.  Without that info it would be 
dangerous.  As he states his words he realizes 
something.  A cave full of dwarf armor opens up 
in a land of dwarves? If that isn't a link what is?

            Dorhak is about ready to throttle 
this moronic, beardless dwarf.  It would be 
easier, at least, to do so without the hair in 
the way.  Still, he has to try one more thing.

            Speaking in Dvallin, he says to Gnorf 
"know ye now that I speak the truth. We were 
brought here following the man that was murdered. 
He stole from us, so we do not mourn his 
loss.  We were able to track these bandits to 
this cave and recover what was ours.  We are not 
from around here.  The Lemaitre, except for that 
one looking for snakes, are all bandits.  We 
subdued them.  These other humans and the elf are 
my crew.  We mean you and your people no harm."

            "May Calling deal with me ever so 
severely should I not speak the truth!"

            Outside Fremea dashes from tree to 
tree and counts a half dozen more beardless small 
people.  But she spots lights in the 
distance.  Going above the canopy she spots 
possibly a dozen torches moving this way. Must be reinforcements.

            Gnorf looks at Dorhak, Arawn and then 
Raddok.  He sighs and watches Kiet stab at 
shadows and bags hoping to kill this elusive 
snake.  He knew Lemaitre were weird but even thats too weird.

            He stands tall and looks at Dorhak, 
“you swear?  A dwarf has nothing but honor and if 
he swears such a thing and knows a curse could 
come back to him.  Then I can reconsider.  Your 
friend,” he nods to the miner, “clearly is a 
miner.  What these raiders use in our land.  His 
hands show that and the way he looks at the 
cave.  He pleads a good case.  If this story is 
indeed true only the elders can help you.  By 
your honor bearded one I'll do this.  Sheath 
those weapons.  Follow us to our village 
nearby.  You will not enter with those 
weapons.  One can represent you to speak to the 
elder.  But he or her WILL disarm.  The elders will decide your fate.”

            “One more thing,” he turns to whistle 
twice.  Two unbearded ones step out of the bush 
and move toward cave.  “I will inspect your 
quivers.  If I find you have the colors that 
killed that man we may have no deal.  You will 
submit to this inspection.  I saw such arrows on 
those in the antechamber.  But if they are in 
your quivers that can be problematic.  Also what 
was stolen and retaken by you/”

            Arawn cringes that was slipped out and he hoped Gnorf missed it.

            Gnorf raises his shield, “You'll have 
to carry the others as well for us. What do you say?”

         GM: Actions? Comments?

             Next update...Monday?

         GM: Two days late but its finally 
out.  Happy new years folks.  Great role playing 
by Dorhak/Raddok may have saved situation.  BTW 
the demand is all quivers it would not look good 
to have Fremea show up and not inspected. Chances 
are slim you guys have same color its the color 
and patterns of the arrows that are 
distinctive.  So at least 5 good votes or neutral 
ones on Don returning so guess I'll let him 
know.  Ensure he doesn’t' get burnt out.  We all 
get burnt out but it takes dedication and frankly 
only 20-40 min per week for you guys. :) Its not 
like hours and hours like me.  Also the new 
player is on the list.  He is free to say hi and 
such if he wants.  Since this is late doing 
update on Saturday would be to hard for you 
guys.  So will delay till Monday.  Also a 
reminder: Any text in recap section between 
From...GM is not spell checked.  I figure that is 
your post so don't want to edit it.  :)

            So I was thinking.  Who would be 
interested in a Discord server for us?  For those 
of who don't know, Discord is a online resource 
where you can post messages, pics and chat 
between each other.  Think of Skype how it can do 
such. I'm in a dozen Discords already but don't 
become too busy on some of them.  Mainly for 
Diabolic 3 and Twitch streamers I’m in.  We could 
do channels for in game stuff, coo stuff, hobbies 
or personal things in or lives.  We could share 
pics of family or such to become more a family 
than some faceless alias. It would be optional 
but allow folks to do stuff there not in game 
like Pyan’s stuff.  Then you also can DM each 
person or live chat if needed.  There are phone 
and browser apps.  I use Firefox for discord to 
read.  But if I listen to chat I use the discord app.  What do you guys say?

         GM: Damage

                     Player              Damage
                 Barbosa         16+4+1+5 [Unclear fully, Revived]
                 Unali                   6
                 Raddok          1 [1 Healing]
                 Arawn                   5
               Z'leyra           4

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