[pnpgm] Discord

Wout Broere broere at powersandperils.org
Wed Jan 22 23:06:19 CET 2020

Sure go ahad and let the main list know of the discord. Any resource is 
May not use it too often given time zone differences.

On 18-01-2020 04:04, pnpgm wrote:
> https://discord.gg/3p5vMa
> The Discord link.
> It should never expire.
> If you make a discord alias that is unclear you may wanna explain who 
> you are.
> I hope in #general the pinned msg is there to explain the channels.
> Nice thing about this is..
> Player A can chat with  D, F and H if wanted.
> Voice wise or in channel to discuss options.
> Not required to be here.
> Just a new resource.
> If you link discordot emial and do like @everyone or a mention can sned 
> msg to all and it should go to email as well.
> I get them all the time. ;)
> Wout if willing i cna post in main pnp list of the discord.  it 
> shouldNEVER replace the  main mailing list but it may be eaiser ot post 
> here?
> Since the list is not so active.
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