[pnpgm] Discord

pnpgm pnpgm at comcast.net
Sat Jan 18 04:04:38 CET 2020


The Discord link.
It should never expire.

If you make a discord alias that is unclear you may wanna explain who you are.

I hope in #general the pinned msg is there to explain the channels.

Nice thing about this is..
Player A can chat with  D, F and H if wanted.
Voice wise or in channel to discuss options.

Not required to be here.

Just a new resource.

If you link discordot emial and do like @everyone or a mention can 
sned msg to all and it should go to email as well.
I get them all the time. ;)

Wout if willing i cna post in main pnp list of the discord.  it 
shouldNEVER replace the  main mailing list but it may be eaiser ot post here?
Since the list is not so active.

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