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Dorhak is completely embarrassed to have to stoop so low as to speak his sacred language to, to, a heretic.  Debasing.  But at least it worked. He didn’t want to harm these people over a misunderstanding.

To Gnorff, he shifts back to Dwarf Elder.  "Good lad.  We'll be along after we sort out these thieves."

In Marentian, he calls out to the group "All right!  We have some work to do.  Z'leyra, would you talk to the horses and let them know we will need them to haul their former masters.  Kiet!  You, Mournath and anybody else that knows how to tie things up do so with the prisoners on the horses.  I’ll be double damned if I’m gonna haul them on my back!  The rest of you help hoist them on the horses."

where did that little faerry get off to.  Hmmmm.  

"Looks like we are going to go meet some new friends."
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