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 [OOC: This is all being offered as possible approaches to action, and is presented as a tumble of thoughts & feelings going through Raddok's head, even as he tries to explain why & how his party was dragged into the situation.]
That's why Raddok protested & started talking so fast. He won't mind being interrupted if someone comes up with something to do/say, but has a legitimate (to him) protest concerning being unarmed amongst strangers with spider-headed monsters about. His suggesting being allowed to each carry their own weapons seemed a reasonable compromise to him, although it's possible that one of his new friends could pull some very unlikely rabbits out of his or her hat(s), & were undeniably dangerous if provoked. He's a bit angry at being considered one of the thieves & being treated as such, even though, in the back of his mind he kinda understands the fellow's cautions. He also wonders where their knife-throwing friends are hiding, since he doesn't see the entire party gathered.

He will go along with the majority of the group that's present, most likely. He doesn't want to fight the friendly-seeming stranger's group, but doesn't want to be their prisoner either. He gave Dorhak the information their Captain wanted, and hopes that might help settle the matter - somehow, for the better. He's half-ready to drop his weapons, & will if Dorhak says to. He will not, however, be willing to carry any of the 'sleeping' thieves; that betokens being a part of that unsavory group. He's rather kick them to their feet.

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--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone.

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i don’t want to fight these people but I don’t want to surrender to them either. 
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