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Hsingai Altaica draltaica at yahoo.com
Sun Jan 12 15:42:55 CET 2020

I say let him join back in. We can always kill off his char to make the situation more dramatic. :PBut seriously Mea was like my 2nd or 3rd favorite chars.
--- It is with books as with the fire in our hearths; we go to a neighbor to get the embers and light it when we return home, pass it on to others, and it belongs to everyone. 

   2) Don aka Mae wants to come back in.  I have given second chances 
before. Chion/Marcel, Kell/Mark.
But with Don who I work with and know for 15 or os years.  He has 
issues.  Medical and other stuff.
He has admited to getting burnt out.
But with Mae he just had alot going on.
With that said..
What do you guys think/
You can give your opinoin public or private.

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